The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons

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Stars Edge International, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-891575-90-7

Important and beneficial to know.

The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons is the ninth book from Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials. This book contains 74 individual lessons, broken into eight broad categories, that were inspired by the advanced Avatar materials.

There are times for public broadcast and there are times for private lessons. 

PRIVATE LESSONS are extrapolated from the advanced Avatar Materials. They are intended to be contemplative slices of subjects rather than full explanations. The sequence is subtle to non-existent. Some slices belong together, for example, the sections on creative study, domains of being, and relationships. Other slices are single pieces that you will have to stitch to the whole. 

Overall, I wrote about things that I thought were important to know, and that might be of some benefit to others. 

Toward that end, receive my deepest respect and may your heart-sun shine in service to others.

— Harry Palmer,
Stars Edge, 2013

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The Avatar Path: The Way We Came

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Stars Edge International, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-891575-69-3

Our Guarantee: Reading this book will change your life.

On the surface, this is a book of words that conveys a pleasant melody. But underneath the stories, chords of consciousness are being strummed that will transform the way you think.

I created The Avatar® Course over twenty years ago with the intention of teaching people how to live more deliberately. What the course did then, and does even better today, was to set forth instructions for identifying and using certain mental abilities that everyone more or less possesses. When these mental abilities are employed deliberately in exact sequences and combinations, they unlock the mysteries of experience. Students are able to make self-determined changes - near instantaneous in some cases - in their emotional and mental states.

After those first students experienced the power of the exercises, they told their friends, and the news of Avatar rippled around the world. As a result, the company that manages the Avatar Materials grew from three people working out of my living room to more than 12,000 people who deliver the course in 21 languages in 72 different countries. This is more than MY success story, much more. It is a new chapter for the world.

THE AVATAR PATH: THE WAY WE CAME is the story behind the awakening of a worldwide movement. Read it. Enjoy it. And then remember.

— Harry Palmer

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Living Deliberately: The Discovery & Development of Avatar

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Stars Edge International, 1994
ISBN: 978-1-891575-62-4

Wake up-read this book.

Many people are trapped in mind-numbing routines. Their lives carom through a changing landscape of directions, rules, wins, and losses. Occasionally, someone wakes up and realizes, "Hey, I am alive." This is an extraordinary moment. When it's examined, a seeker is born: "Life! What's this all about?" LIVING DELIBERATELY is the story of the birth of a seeker, Harry Palmer.

If by reading this book, you sensed some intangible changes beginning to take place in your idea of what is possible, I am satisfied.  Boundless Love,

— Harry Palmer


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